Tapas Magazine, aka “Ñam Ñam Magazine”, is the gastro-loving creation of Spainmedia editorial house, winner of 2016 Premio Nacional de Gastronomía. Focusing on the best-quality food and gastronomy, lifestyle and culture, I built and directed the video department from 2018-2020, and created a few yummy video series: 

#TapasStories aimed to cover in-depth reports on some topics. For instance, we explored those rare international restaurants in Madrid serving breakfast from their homecountries

#TapasBestChiringuito was an audiovisual tribute series of the best beach bars (aka chiringuitos) throughout the wide Spanish shore

#TapasInterview was a series of interviews with the best chefs of the country: Martín Berasategui, Joan Roca, Ferrán Adriá, etc. 

#TapasTalks was a fun series of quick questions asked to prestigious chefs and journalists

Here’s just a selection of my personal favorite Tapas videos I directed.

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And I also wrote an article for Tapas Magazine, here it is!

 ︎48 horas para soñar el mejor Cáceres 

Adorado Bar

Diego Guerrero

Chiringuito La Cangreja

Rafael Moneo

Tapas Food&Business Summit

Cafés La Mexicana

Restaurante Atempo

¿Cómo suena un mercado?

Chiringuito La Pelosa

Turismo de Asturias