Ojos Melados

Work: Photobook
Location: Spain and France
Date: 2016 - today
Keywords: historical memory, Spanish Civil War, exile, concentration, family album 
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The theoretical investigation around Ojos Melados firstly constitued my Final Degree Thesis (History Degree, URJC, 2018) with a final score of 9,7/10. This historical research was carried out from different points of Spain and France and addressed the subject of Spanish exile in France and the French concentrationary phenomenon. Later, in a more visual approach, and reflecting about the materiality of the photobook and the uses of contemporary photography, the project also became my Final Master Thesis (UCM-UAM-MNCARS, 2020), scored 9/10 and being now part of the best TFMs of Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Project shortlisted in BUP Award 2022
Project reviewed and improved during the course CAMPO Fotolibros 2022