Locations: New York City, Athens, Santiago de Compostela, Paris, Seville, Cádiz, Badajoz, Havana, Rome, Granada, Madrid and Ho Chi Minh City, Barcelona, Valencia, Benidorm 
Date: since 2016 

I can’t really explain how well-designed spaces make me feel. But I have felt those wonderful sensations both chez Le Corbusier’s Ville Savoy, at the Sixtine Chapel, or at Maxxi Museum, at the Nouvel’s part of Reina Sofía Museum or walking through the wonderful NYC’s High Line. And then, I can’t help but taking pictures of all that to try and communicate this feeling to you.

Architecture is an ongoing project that does and will display some shots of those spaces that make me shiver.

Most of these are analogic pictures taken with my 35 mm Minolta.